Tidying up my Google Scholar queries

Lately, I’ve realised that the diversity of my reads since the start of the pandemic has increased. This has got to the point that I feel like my Google Scholar queries don’t reflect everything I’m interested in these days.

The Google Scholar tools don’t allow me to keep track of the keywords I use for my searches. Luckily, I have this little “Notes” of mine!

Parallel numerical algorithms

algorithm sparse method parallel performance matrix numerical optimization graph

This is the query I currently track in my bibliography repository, which is an evolution of the bibliography in my PhD thesis.

Computational sustainability

computational sustainability" OR (
("data science" OR "machine learning" OR "AI" OR "Deep Learning" OR "scientific computing") AND
("pollution" OR "air quality" OR "sustainability" OR "sustainable development" OR "conservation" OR "wildlife" OR "environment degradation" OR "green energy"))

Computational sustainability is a topic I’ve become very interested in lately. It’s been defined as (Gomes et al., 2019):

Computational sustainability aims to identify, formalize, and provide solutions to computational problems concerning the balancing of environmental, economic, and societal needs for a sustainable future. Sustainability problems offer challenges but also opportunities for the advancement of the state of the art of computing and information science.

Specifically, I’m interested in the application of data science, machine learning, and deep learning (the boundary between these fields is thinning a little more everyday) to the protection of our environment and sustainable development.


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